The Adventurists - Mongol Rally

The world is just a little bit too safe. Gone are the days where the edge of the map called you forth to discover what lay beyond - satellite maps and GPS have it laid out before you leave the armchair. What if you want things to go wrong? What if you want a bit of unknown in a world full health and safety measures? What if the words "adventure travel" conjure images of old ladies on a guided tour to Everest base camp with all the danger and real adventure neatly removed? What you need is the Mongol Rally. We have thoroughly enjoyed working on this event and other events in India , Africa and Europe since 2008.

We provided the Mongol Rally with full safety and risk management services including site sign off.

We have acted as event production supplier and safety consultant for a number of charity car rallies to Mongolia over a period of 8 years, providing full production services to Milan and Barcelona launch sites - seeking out suitable sites and venues for the European leg of the rally launch and shipping out stage packages to both Milan and Barcelona, linking the launch to the UK site at Goodwood.

We have advised on all planning aspects to support the Siberian motorbike rally, West African car rally to Cameroon and the tuk tuk rally for a similar period and look forward to continued service.

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